How to Post ?

After registering the Sale you will get a Free Delivery Pack along with instructions how to Pack and post your phone. You can also get all information in your account by visiting your account area of the website.


Pack your phone

Pack your mobile phone safely.

To make it safe you just need to pack your phones in either a jiffy bag or a padded envelop. Don’t forget to add your order number with it so it remains safe to be delivered.


Send Your Phone

Post us your phone / Gadgets

You will have to post your phone to us within 14 days of the date when you place your order by using our Free delivery pack or your own special delivery. Further delay might end up cancelling your order.


Get Paid Same Day

Same day we receive your phone

We will pay Fast, Same day we receive your device Do not worry about the payments. You will get your payment on the same date we receive your parcel. However, we will thoroughly check your phone as well as your order details before sending you its payment.