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How do I get paid for the handset that I sent to you?

There are various payment methods through which we pay you for your devices that you sold to us. These methods include sending you money through bank transfer direct to your bank account as well as paying through cheques.

When do I get my payment?

You do not need to get worried about the payment of your phone as we are really responsible people. We’ll send you your money via the agreed method right after we receive your phone. In fact, payment is sent on the same date the handset is received and is checked thoroughly. A confirmation email will also send to you.

What if I get the email about the payment being made, but do not receive it on time?

Payments are made right away after receiving your handset. In case, you don’t receive your payment despite of the confirmation mail being sent to you please contact our customer support team. If you do not receive your due payment within 5 working days of the handset being sent just contact our customer support team to check the status of your payment. We will send you your due payment as soon as possible.

Where do I need to deposit my cheque?

You can deposit your cheque to any bank in UK where you have an account. Normally Three to Five working days will be required by your bank to clear out the cheque.

Can a lost cheque get replaced?

If you lose your cheque, we can issue it to you again. But we will charge you an amount of £6.00 to re-issue every cheque so be careful. We will charge this amount to command the bank to cancel the previous cheque.