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Where I can see my orders?

After you log in to our site through ‘My Account’ you need to choose ‘Your Orders’ option and here you will see all of them. For details please choose which one you like.

The way of changing contact details

Through ‘My Account’, please log in. After that step finds ‘Edit Your Details’ option and here you can make changes.

What should I do to change my password?

Log in to your account in ‘My Account’ area. With option ‘Change Password’, you can make the changes you want.

How I can change my username?

There is no possibility to change the username once you have created an account.

How can I retrieve my username if I forgot it?

Each email address, if not changed by you, is connected to the username. Additionally, you can contact our customer support team if you still have problems.

How the password that I forgot can be retrieved?

Each password is encrypted and only the user itself can see it. However, you can choose ‘Lost your password?’ option and a new password will be sent by email to you. When you receive new password it is our recommendation to log in to your account and reset the password one more time with one that you like.

If my handset is new, will I have a higher price?

No, our classification is only on Working and Faulty devices. If you have new handset, it can only go to the Working group.

What to do in case when my phone is blocked?

It is the best to contact your service provider if you are the owner, as they will help you unblock the phone. If you already bought blocked phone it might be lost or stolen so it is not good to buy phones like this.