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How do I need to pack my phone in order to send it to you via Freepost?

You just need to put the battery inside the phone and switch it off. Then put the phone in a box and make sure its motion free during the transit.

How do I get to know that the phone I sent has been received by you?

It takes almost 2 to 3 working days for our free posts to deliver the bags to us. We will send you a confirmation date once we receive your bags. Occasionally it might also take up to 14 days for Freepost bag to reach us. Don’t worry, that’s normal. Contact the royal mail on 08457 740740 if it has not been received by us even after 14 days.

What is the right way to deliver my phone to you?

If you have to send 1- 5 mobile phones to us, we offer many posting options online. You can request a Free Delivery pack from us or just simply print a pack of your own choice. Free Delivery pack will include Posting and packing instructions, the postal bag as well as posting Label.

Do I need to pay for the postage?

In case you are trading two phones with us, we can provide you a facility of Free-Post that won’t cost you a penny. But if you are supposed to send us more than 2 handsets you can make multiple sales of 2 handsets. If you want to know about more options available to you regarding posting, you can refer to the posting instructions on our website. If you send a very valuable handset to us and it does not reach us, we are not held liable for it. In such cases you must send your valuable device to us through a registered post to ensure the safety.

Return Policy

In case of a revised offer being offered for your mobile phone(s) and you are not happy to accept, we are happy to return the mobile phone(s) back to you through Royal Mail Recorded Delivery. First Class Royal Mail Recorded Delivery provides a tracking number as well as compensation of up to  50.00 in case of any loss or damage in the post. Please note, SellSmartForCash does not accept any responsibility for non-delivery/loss or damage of mobile phone(s) being returned back to customer and will not offer any additional compensation apart from what Royal Mail provides. Please contact us if you wish to have your mobile phone(s) returned back to you through Royal Mail Special Delivery, which provides a compensation of up to 50.00 in case of any loss or damage in the post, you are responsible to cover the delivery charges of 6.99.

What if I have sent two free post bags, but you get only one?

That’s not your fault. At times it happens that two free post bags sent on the same date are received on different dates.

What to do if my order is getting expired despite of the fact that the phone was sent right on time?

What to do if my order is getting expired despite of the fact that the phone was sent right on time??

I did not receive any sales pack despite of the fact that I placed my order?

We send you the sales pack within 48 hours of your online order, but if you don’t receive it within 4 working days you need to contact us. We will check if we have your correct postal address or not. In case of the wrong address we will send you another bag.

Should I send my charger along with the phone?

No you don’t need to send the charger. But if you want you can send it to us there is no problem that will not affect the price of your sale order.

Should I send my SIM card along with the phone?

No, we do not need any SIM card. Just send us your phone and its battery. In case you send your SIM card as well we shall not be liable for any data packages bear by you in future.

Do you need my memory card along with the phone?

No, just send your phone and its battery. we will not return any memory card that was come with the phone.