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General questions

What should I send to you along with the handset?

You just need to send your phone and its battery if you have its accessories and box please send that as well. If it’s a brand new phone then you must send us its box as well as all accessories.

If a phone’s screen is broken, is the handset considered to be working?

When we get a phone that has broken screen, it gets quite costly to repair it. We consider such phones to be faulty.

Should I send you the charger and accessories along with my phone?

if you have accessories and box please send that too but We just require your handset and its battery.

How do I get to know if my phone is defective or in a working state?

You may get to know about the condition of your phone through the given points:
A working phone should get turned on and turned off easily.
An acceptable handset must have a working screen.
A phone in a working condition must have its battery with it.
Broken screen is not acceptable.
The phone should not be broken or water damaged.

What should I do if your list doesn’t include my handset?

If your phone is not on the list provided by us you do not need to worry. just contact us and we will help you.

Would the color of my gadget affect the price it will get?

No, a handset never loses its market value just because of the color that it has.

Does a Brand new phone get a better rate?

Yes if you have a Brand New phone we always pay better price then used and working mobile phones.

What are your criteria towards a phone that is blocked?

We do not accept blocked phones normally as there is always a doubt that a blocked phone might be a stolen one. If you are the owner of your phone then you must first get it unblocked through your service provider and then send it to us.

How much value does a phone with locked network get?

A locked network phone price depend on its network like 3, o2 , vodafone , T-mobile , EE as unlock mobile phones are always higher value because that can be used on any network.

By mistake, I happened to send my memory card along with my phone. Will I be able to get it back?

No, we are sorry you cannot. We get thousands of phones every day and we do not have time to take out your memory card, save it for you and send it back to you. You should be careful enough not to send it along with your phone otherwise you are going to lose it.